Age In Place

ARE YOU PLANNING TO REMAIN IN YOUR OWN HOME as you grow older? Are you finding it more difficult to manage some daily tasks in your home? Do you or your family and friends have safety concerns about you living alone? As abilities diminish during the normal aging process, families and other caregivers must offer more assistance to allow an elderly person to live a safe and independent life at home. An occupational therapist will work with you to ensure that recommendations to increase independence and safety are specific to your wants and needs, skills, environment, budget, and other criteria. The following tips come from occupational therapy practitioners who work with older adults to help them stay in their homes.

Your home is the most important consideration to remaining independent. Home Mobility VT can show you how to get it ready for later in life, starting today. Aging in place means supporting a person to age in their own home. This may mean minor home adaptations and identifying supports that allow “young seniors” to live in their own home safely and independently for as long as possible.  At Home Mobility VT, a primary focus of the evaluation and services are:

  • Identifying challenges that clients have developed while aging, making sure their home still “fits” them and their needs
  • Modifying the home environment to minimize the impacts of those challenges, starting with basic and simple solutions such as installing a grab bar
  • Creating adaptive ways to safely perform basic daily activities

55+ years old is not too young to begin planning your home for Aging In Place. There are many beautiful adaptations that can be made in your home early to prepare for safe and comfortable living as you age.

How to Make & Pay for Home Modifications to Enable Aging in Place is a frequent question asked. Financial assistance programs are available to assist with home modifications with the senior population. Understand your financial options for home modifications to enable aging in place.

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