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Assessments: (specific evaluations)

  • Home Safety Evaluation:
  • OT after a Hospitalization/Rehabilitation:
  • Inspiration Session for Family:
  • Aging In Place Consultation:
  • Assist and Expedite Discharge from nursing home or hospital:


As your loved one prepares to return home after time spent in rehab or the hospital, is their home ready for them? Is it set up appropriately to meet their needs? The burden of managing a patient’s care in our complicated healthcare system is felt most often by the spouse of the patient or the children of the patient. This responsibility can be very stressful for both the spouse and adult children who may still be trying to juggle work with caregiving. It can be almost impossible to manage if the spouse has their own medical issues that limit their mobility or have memory issues that make understanding and retaining information difficult. Here are some things to consider:

Other Services:

  • Collaborate with Building Professionals: Builders/Re-modelers, Designers, Architects
  • Education with Client, Caregivers, Family

Adaptive Equipment/Product Recommendation (and help acquiring):

Equipment that can help make your home more accessible and easier for you to live in for years to come. Home Mobility VT can recommend a variety of accessibility products to help make your home easier and more enjoyable to live in. Minor and more major modifications may include some of the following:

Complete Remodel of Bathroom/Kitchen:

If a change in medical condition leads to a person having to utilize mobility equipment, such as a walker or a wheelchair, accessing and utilizing a room can become challenging if not impossible. A CAPS certified OT can help a person and their caregiver arrive at a cost effective plan.

Helping Your Older Parent Remain At Home:

ARE YOU WORRIED ABOUT MOM AND DAD AT HOME? Are one or both of your parents finding it more difficult to manage daily tasks in the home? Do you worry about the health and safety of a parent living alone? (continue reading)

Aging In Place:

ARE YOU PLANNING TO REMAIN IN YOUR OWN HOME as you grow older? Are you finding it more difficult to manage some daily tasks in your home? Do you or your family and friends have safety concerns about you living alone? As abilities diminish during the normal aging process, families and other caregivers must offer more assistance to allow an elderly person to live a safe and independent life at home. An occupational therapist

Prepare for Surgical Procedure:

Are you or is someone you care about planning to have debilitating surgery? It is very important to consider how the precautions ordered by the surgeon will effect life at home. By planning ahead you can feel confident about returning home after surgery. How are “ADLs” completed? ADL: Activities of Daily Living are the activities that you do in your home everyday and are often activities that we take for granted. Is your home set up to work for you?


 The average cost of a fall in Vermont is $30,000. My goal is to help you make your environment safer, easier and more enjoyable by breaking down various activities (showering, dressing, cooking, etc.) that you do everyday and to determine what simple modifications can hopefully help prevent a fall! Are you at risk for a fall? Take this quiz to find out: ncoa falls check up. According to the CDC, these are the 10 physical risk factors for falls:

Home Mobility VT encourages Home Safety Evaluations to aid in creating a safe and functional home environment and in turn helping to prevent falls.

Across The Fence Fall Prevention Presentation, September 2021: Leaves Fall, People Don’t. Sherry and a fellow OT talk about ways to prevent falls in the home.

Williston Observer: Sherry is proudly working with the Williston Fire Department to address fall prevention for seniors with the development of a “Night Light Project” in Williston. With donations from the community, the WFD keeps nightlights on their trucks and in the event that a senior is experiencing falls at night, the WFD is able to plug in a nightlight for those in need. “I love the education part. It’s a message I feel is really important to get out”.


Home Mobility VT provides tasteful remodel recommendations to account for safety and health. My goal is to make the “aging-in-place” or transition home as easy as possible.

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