What We Do/Services

Assessments: Home Safety Evaluation: Once a person has had a fall or a “close call fall” it is highly recommended that they have a home safety evaluation. Why did you fall, or almost fall? Your environment should be your safety zone. Aging In Place Consultation: Thoughtful consideration of what future accessibility needs may be will save significantContinue reading “What We Do/Services”

Mobile Outpatient OT Practice/Home Visits

Home Mobility VT can help you sharpen your activities of daily living at home. ADL: Activities of Daily Living are the activities that you do in your home everyday and are often activities that we take for granted. An Occupational Therapist (OT) is a medical professional who is trained to help people participate in everyContinue reading “Mobile Outpatient OT Practice/Home Visits”

Adaptive Equipment/Product Recommendations:

Equipment can help make your home more accessible and easier for you to live in for years to come. Home Mobility VT can recommend a variety of accessibility products to help make your home easier and more enjoyable to live in. Minor home modifications can include: non-glare light bulbs hand rails grab bars toilet frameContinue reading “Adaptive Equipment/Product Recommendations:”

Home Modifications

Home modifications are defined as environmental interventions aimed to support activity performance in the home. The goal of Home Mobility VT is to help create cost effective design solutions for both current and future needs of individuals that allows them to focus on their abilities instead of their challenges. An Occupational Therapist specifically trained in home modifications can provide youContinue reading “Home Modifications”

What is an OT?

Occupational Therapists are health care professionals who utilize evidence-based practice, research, scientific evidence, and a holistic perspective to promote independence, meaningful occupations, and patients’ functional ability to fulfill their daily routines and roles. Occupational Therapists are the only professionals recognized by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) to make recommendations for home modifications for personsContinue reading “What is an OT?”


As your loved one prepares to return home after time spent in rehab or the hospital, is their home ready for them? Is it set up appropriately to meet their needs? The burden of managing a patient’s care in our complicated healthcare system is felt most often by the spouse of the patient or theContinue reading “TRANSITION COORDINATOR/ OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST”