The Best Time to Reach Out to Home Mobility VT

Fall Prevention: If you feel as if your environment is not conducive to your lifestyle call Home Mobility VT. The goal is to prevent a fall that could lead to a hospitalization and long term consequences. Hospital to Home: Prior to being discharged home from the hospital or rehab your home should be ready toContinue reading “The Best Time to Reach Out to Home Mobility VT”


Wait… WHAT? A pre-fabricated mobile unit that is already designed to accommodate physical dysfunction? Can this really be true? The answer is YES!! Wheel Pad is a Vermont business that creates a product designed to do exactly this! They have designed and constructed a structure that is everything an Occupational Therapist dreams about for ourContinue reading “MEETING A NEED WITH VERMONT INGENUITY”

Transition Coordinator/ Occupational Therapist

As your loved one prepares to return home after time spent in rehab or the hospital, is their home ready for them? Is it set up appropriately to meet their needs? The burden of managing a patient’s care in our complicated healthcare system is felt most often by the spouse of the patient or theContinue reading “Transition Coordinator/ Occupational Therapist”

Wait, What? Pretty Grab Bars?

There is much to consider when deciding which type of grab bars to install and where to locate them. As you research online you may become overwhelmed with recommendations from Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA and/or Universal Design (UD ADA became legislation in 2010 and “prohibits discrimination and guarantees that people with disabilitiesContinue reading “Wait, What? Pretty Grab Bars?”


LIGHTING: Lighting should be soft, not bright however very well lit Night- lights throughout rooms Windows should be covered with blinds and open for natural light during days. Close window coverings at night to decrease glare. BEDROOM: Put all personal hygiene items in a locked drawer. Many hygiene items are poisonous, nail polish remover, perfumes,Continue reading “DEMENTIA OR ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE HOME ENVIRONMENTAL TIPS”

Fall Prevention

FALL PREVENTION STRATEGIES TO MAKE YOUR HOME SAFER: Make an investment in your independence!! Remove tripping hazards: secure (tape) or remove scatter rugs; tack down carpet if curling/puckering; use electrical tape to fasten electrical cords and phone charging cords to wall Clean up/remove all clutter (boxes/magazines/etc) from walking paths and stairs Store necessities (clothing, food,Continue reading “Fall Prevention”