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Home Safety Evaluation: Once a person has had a fall or a “close call fall” it is highly recommended that they have a home safety evaluation. Why did you fall, or almost fall? Your environment should be your safety zone.

Aging In Place Consultation: Thoughtful consideration of what future accessibility needs may be will save significant cost over the long term, especially if it means having to redo a brand new shower. By making purposeful guided choices, clients can ensure that they will have an elegant and accessible home already set up to recuperate in the event of an unexpected situation.

Due to the rising cost of facility care, the lack of freedom over one’s daily schedule and the health risks associated with living together in large groups, more and more people are looking ahead and choosing to Age-in-Place.

Assist and Expedite Discharge from nursing home or hospital: Surgeries such as joint replacements, back surgeries and bone fractures require short term use of durable medical equipment for the recuperation phase. Ideally, the environmental barriers are addressed prior to discharge to avoid caregivers from feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

Inspiration Session for Family: Are you looking for gift ideas and ways to improve a current situation to improve ease and safety in the home? Finding the perfect gift for Mom and/or Dad is not easy. Parents likely do not want more “stuff” — they often already have 50 years of memories piled up in your old bedrooms! Instead give them a gift of beautiful grab bars or a safe chair with wheels and brakes they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves!

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