The Best Time to Ask for an OT Referral

  • Fall Prevention: If you have had a fall or feel as if your environment is not conducive to your lifestyle. Ask your PCP for a Home Safety Evaluation and call Home Mobility VT. The goal is to prevent a fall that could lead to a hospitalization.
  • Hospital to Home: You have been discharged home from the hospital without home health services or you have been discharged from home health however feel the continued need for OT services. If your PCP agrees with you, ask for an outpatient OT evaluation.
  • Outpatient Therapy: You plan to continue rehab with outpatient Physical Therapy yet feels you would benefit from a home safety evaluation. Reach out to Home Mobility VT for an OT evaluation.
  • Progressive Chronic Condition: If your body is changing as the result of aging or an ongoing illness, it may be time for the introduction of adaptive tools and/or modifications. Your environment may need to be modified to increase your safety and sense of comfort to your home.
  • Memory Deficits: Sherry is a Certified Dementia Practitioner and is able to offer physical home modification suggestions to improve safety and comfort for a person with Dementia/Alzheimer’s diagnosis.
  • Visual Deficits can lead to falls. An OT who specializes in Home Modifications is able to educate and help improve the lighting and environment to increase safety and independence in your home.

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