Wait… WHAT? A pre-fabricated mobile unit that is already designed to accommodate physical dysfunction? Can this really be true? The answer is YES!!

Wheel Pad is a Vermont business that creates a product designed to do exactly this! They have designed and constructed a structure that is everything an Occupational Therapist dreams about for our disabled and/or aging population. Do you have a family member or friend that you would like to live in your home but you just don’t have the space? Keep reading!

Wheel Pad designs home attachments and backyard tiny houses that make any property a safe and cozy universally accessible place for people with mobility challenges. Their aim is very similar to that of Home Mobility VT however Wheel Pad units are prefabricated and designed to accommodate a changing family by attaching the units to your existing structure.

As a Certified Aging in Place Specialist Occupational Therapist my passion is helping people, families, discover options that make sense for their life circumstances. I assist with adapting a current home into a space that makes sense for the people living in the home but what if you have a family member that you would like to come live with you but you don’t have the space available? Do you have a parent or family member who isn’t appropriate or doesn’t want to move to an assisted living facility? Or a family member who had an accident or has a progressive illness and are in need of additional square footage due to equipment and needs?

Wheel Pad has two main products: The +Add PAD home attachment and the Personal Accessible Dwelling (Affectionately, The PAD) accessible tiny house. Both of these models exceed ADA specifications. They come with a track in the ceiling that is compatible with any lift on the market that can take you from the bed area to the bathroom. The bathroom itself is a full wet room to avoid transitioning in and out of the shower, and allows ample space for an aide if needed. The PAD also has an accessible kitchenette for more independent living. 

Wheel Pad also started our WheelPad Buyback Commitment for their smaller and more mobile units (depending on the type of foundation). Once you are finished using the Wheel Pad you can give them a call, and they will most likely purchase it back from you after a third-party appraisal. They do this so it can serve another family in need! So thoughtful and smart!

But they don’t just create utilitarian space! They have won awards for their designs. You can see more photos on their website: (

Please contact Sherry at Home Mobility VT ( for a home evaluation to determine if this is a path you may be interested in pursuing. I will be happy to complete a home evaluation to help you determine if this is a feasible path for you and your family.

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