Fall Prevention

Balance and Fall Prevention

FALL PREVENTION STRATEGIES TO MAKE YOUR HOME SAFER: Make an investment in your independence!!

  1. Remove tripping hazards: secure (tape) or remove scatter rugs; tack down carpet if curling/puckering; use electrical tape to fasten electrical cords and phone charging cords to wall
  2. Clean up/remove all clutter (boxes/magazines/etc) from walking paths and stairs
  3. Store necessities (clothing, food, dishes) within easy to reach locations
  4. Adequate lighting: Keep your home brightly lit; use nightlights in bedroom, bathroom, and hallways; use glow in the dark/illuminated light switches; store flashlights in easy to find places in case of power outage
  5. Move furniture to allow for flowing traffic pattern
  6. Improve bathroom safety: grab bars, nonslip mat, shower seating, toilet modifications (seek out Home Modifications Specialist)
  7. Use non-slip surfaces throughout home: Bathtubs/showers, kitchen and bathroom floors, porches.

ADAPTIVE DEVICES: In addition to use of a cane or walker there are other assistive devices to consider. An Occupational Therapist/Home Modification Specialist is able to evaluate your living space and provide additional fall prevention strategies such as consideration of durable medical equipment (shower seating, grab bars, hand held sprayer); stair climbers, ramps or stair lifts; door widening strategies.

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